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          Baxter Bear
          Becky Bird
          Buster Bear
          Casey Cat
          Charlie Chipmunk
          Cubby Bear
          Harland Hound
          Herbert Hound
          Karmen Kitty
          Kerwin Koala
          Kim Kitten
          Poindexter Puppy
          Rascal Raccoon
          Rodney Rabbit
          Scrappy Squirrel
          Simon Snake
          Skippy Squirrel
          Tyler Turtle
          The Cuddle Bunch
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          "I Forgive You!"
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          "Happy Birthday!"
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Meet the Cuddly Critters™ artist, storyboard artist / illustrator Tim Holtrop!

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Cuddly Critters (tm) greetings to share

Cuddly Critters™ greetings to share!

  Social media makes it easy to share your feelings with those around's almost as easy as clicking a button! Now, some of the Cuddly Critters™ themes that have been available on printed greeting cards, note cards and postcards are available to share on our Cuddly Critters Page on Facebook! Just find the greeting you'd like to share from our "Greetings to Share" album and click the "Share" button. Then, choose who you'd like to share the greeting with, write a custom message to go with it, and click the "Share Photo" button!

  Many of our sharable greetings feature Cuddly Critters™ cute cartoon animal designs with messages like "I Love U", "U R Special 2 Me", "Happy Birthday!", "Thank You!", "I'm Sorry...", "I Forgive You", and more! And while you're at it you can "Like" our Facebook Page, too!

  Share a Cuddly Critters™ greeting with those special people in your life! Enjoy!


FREE Printable Cuddly Critters™
Coloring Pages at Cybercrayon!

Buster Bear, Rascal Raccoon, Tyler Turtle, and more of the Cuddly Critters™ cast of cute cartoon animals are available on coloring page activities through! Best of all, the coloring pages are FREE to print out and color! Check 'em out!

In addition to the coloring pages, Cybercrayon features free printable activities for the whole family, including: word searches, crosswords, customizable calendars, web comics and more! Enjoy!

 Free printable activities at!


Cuddly Critters (tm): Shadowbox Greetings card
Photos ©2009 Shadowbox Greetings™.

Cuddly Critters™ art on a new card
by Shadowbox Greetings™!

  The Cuddle Bunch are having quite an adventure, indeed! Kevin Kitty, Parker Puppy, and Brenda Bunny not only appear on a variety of gift & collectable items available through the Cuddly Critters™ online store, but now they can also be found on a unique three dimensional card from Shadowbox Greetings™.

  The licensed Cuddly Critters™ artwork adorning the card is designed with children in mind, and the shadowbox format allows you to write your own message right on the card and use it for any occasion: "Congratulations," "Happy Birthday," or just to say "Thinking of you". When opened, unfolded and put together, the card makes a stand alone shadow box displaying these cute cartoon animals and the message you've written.

  Available on their website,, this card can make a unique gift for the special little ones in your life!



 Valentine's Day gift and collectable items featuring some of the cute cartoon animals from!
Cuddly Critters™ Valentine's Day Gifts!

Make this Valentine's Day special! Some of the Cuddly Critters™ cute cartoon animals are featured on their very own Valentine's Day cards, from full-sized greeting cards to smaller note cards, and even postcards! Share your feelings with messages like "U R Special 2 Me," "I Love U," "Be Mine?," and more!

You can also give that special someone a token of your love this Valentine's Day with colorful Cuddly Critters™ designs on clothes and other gift items! Short & long sleeve Tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, maternity wear, kid's clothes, mugs, posters, calendars, tote bags, and much more!

Valentine's Day comes around once a year, but you can always give Cuddly Critters™ LOVE themed gifts to those you love and care about! Check out these cute cartoon animal designs on a variety of gift and collectable items all available through the Cuddly Critters™ Online Store! Enjoy!




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FREE printable Cuddly
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    Cuddly Critters™
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FREE printable Cuddly
Critters™ coloring pages

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